Voice Social Platform to reduce your stress

Welcome Differences!

A place in which differences can thrive.

Welcome Neuro-Diversities!

Think outside of the box!

Nao is a voice-based social platform to reduce your stress.

ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Anxiety, and even Depression. We are just differences. This platform is for people with differences.

Obviously, our online life is rich enough. We can link to anyone, anytime, anywhere. But we are alone.

The thing is you're not alne.

In our app, your idea will beautomatically transcribed. Just say it, and you can see it.

AI friend will respond to every message you make to encourage you.

Reflect on your feelings

A place to create positive social feedback loops.

Not only sharing, but also looking back into your feelings brings positive effects to your mind.

You can record your feelings for up to 30 seconds and choose your emotion: Excited, Happy, Calm, Sad, and Angry.
AI friend will be always with you.

You can help others as well! Helping another person will take you only a few seconds and will have a positive impact on your mental health.

So this product is designed to make your self-esteem grow.

Why we are

Creating a Positive Social Feedback Loop.

The reason why I created Nao is that I have ADHD.
ADHD or ADD is one of the developmental disorders.
People with such disorders are affected by negative information easily.

Our life is always hyper-connected to the internet, and we are constantly looking down our phones to know what is going on elsewhere.

This has created the Fear of Missing Out or Social Isolation.
According to some researches, this continuous connection makes people emotionally unstable and tend to become mental illnesses. This can go from anxiety to depression, and even suicide.

I’d like to raise a question about the aggressive or negative sides of Social Networking Apps these days.

That’s why I created Nao which means “Now and on”.

Nao is a new Social Platform which can create positive social feedback loops.
The negative feedback we all get from social media makes people around the world more depressed, so I think we need this.

You can create a positive cycle even if you have negative feelings.

Be part of the change you wish to create in this world.

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