Anonymous Social Platform to reduce your stress

Welcome Differences!
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Embrace your unique personality.

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Remember: you are not alone. With Nao, you can create a meaningful connection with people who share your experience. Our AI- empowered friend will try his best to encourage and support you in every step you make.

What is it for?

Life is about ups and downs.

Various experiences and encounters determine your mood: you may feel excited today and down in the dumps tomorrow.

Nao is an anonymous voice-based social platform that will help you to cope with daily challenges, loneliness, depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism, and some stress-related disorders. This platform is for people with differences.

We are All Different

Why We Created Nao.?

Creating a Positive Social Feedback Loop.

Our CEO Yoshua has been diagnosed with ADHD, one of the developmental disorders. However, it didn’t prevent him from becoming an entrepreneur and living his life to the fullest. He created Nao to end the stigma and help people who feel they are different in their own way.

These days, social media are filled with smiling selfies, happy relationships and humblebragging about achievements. According to the numerous researches, it can make people feel miserable and trigger mental health problems, from anxiety to depression, and even suicide.

We are deeply concerned about the negative impact of social networking apps. That’s why we created Nao. With Nao, we can help you create positive social feedback loops and bring you inner peace.